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I just could resist! 🙂 

9-13-15:    What is the latest news and talk? Obviously the Wednesday primaries, but we already covered that in the welcome people, read! Not Justin Bieber because, well, I shouldn’t have to explain. Who shall be the oh so lucky one to gossip about?! I know! I saw this today and had to think to last year. Jameis Winston. Over rated? Or did he just not perform. Most men can understand not performing 😉 Not Marcus Mariota. First drive is a passing touchdown, followed by how many more?! Ya, thats right. Some make the transition to the pros, and some bite the pillow. Hopefully it is not a crispy pillow! Ya, there is a visual for you. I just say a gamertag that was called “Krispy Pillow” I was laughing for a while, too bad the kids these days purposely spell bad. Anyhoo, the game was pretty much a blowout, Marcus scores, then Jameis drives back and throws a pick 6! Not a good start sir. I’m not personal one to jump to conclusions, I really hope he improves, but wow. People really thought he was better then Marcus! Ha, who wants a wager on that! Looking forward to these comments.