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Select Starbucks Locations Begin Serving Alcohol

Starbucks Begins Serving Alcohol   I found it difficult to start my day without my 24 oz iced triple shot Americano.  Over the last year I have slowly become addicted to iced coffee.  In the past I have always been a hot coffee drinker, and because I like filtered water, I would usually drink coffee at home. 

   We were recently transitioning into a new house and I was unable to make coffee at home.  In order to get my coffee fix I started going my local Starbucks almost daily and I have been addicted ever since.  Recently it was announced in the news that Starbucks will start selling alcohol at some select location.  I believe this is in response to a move by the coffee giant to lure more customers into their store during the evening.  Selling alcohol is a risky move but I’m sure they have done plenty of research and have concluded that the increased risk and liability will be offset my increased profits. 

   I’m actually very excited about this because I love going to coffee shops and soaking up their WiFi.  I primarily work online so anywhere I can use my laptop that has a high speed internet connection I usually take it.  The fact in some select locations I can transition from coffee binge drinking to alcohol is great news for me.  I have recently formed a love affair with Ciders.  There’s a lot of great brands out there but my favorites are the flavored version. 

  I recently had a blackberry apple cider that was absolutely delicious.  If Starbucks brings in beer taps and carries good craft beer I will frequent their establishment regularly.  The only downside to this is we will probably see an increase in people getting drunk and obnoxious.  Hopefully they are smart enough to limit alcohol sale hours to later in the evening after the morning coffee crew is long gone. For some reason I can’t imagine people drinking coffee and drinking beer in the same establishment ending very well. 

  Another guilty pleasure of mine has been red wine.  Like most people I started with riesling, then moved on to whites, then eventually I got into the dry reds like Merlot.  I would assume if Starbucks was to start selling alcohol they would primarily sell beer and wine.  Selling hard alcohol, shots, and mixed drinks would be a huge mistake.  Selling wine and beer would not be much of an issue in my opinion, especially if the hours were limited. 

  The pilot program to sell alcohol will start in Phoenix Arizona at about 15 Starbucks locations.  A recent press released claimed that Starbucks will only selling local craft beer and wine at these original 15 locations.  So far the reaction from the public to the move has been mostly positive.  With any big change like this there is going to be people who react negatively.  Some might even ask what the effect on selling beer and wine would have on children?  Only time will tell whether this was a good or bad move for Americas largest coffee chain. 

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Welcome To the fun and excitement of Starbucks Gossip. We are excited to rave about everything and anything. We also want you to participate as what is good gossip without participation?! We would also like you to send your gossip submissions to our contact page.

There are so many places to start and so many things to talk about. This would be even better if I was in Starbucks right now writing this…it would make more sense!

Who is excited for Wednesday? Wednesday, you may ask…no not hump day, the second time we get to see trump on tv debating! You could literally do a brief phone review and get a few thousand hits in minutes. This is nuts as it is just all the prelim crap and everyone is hyped! Love him or hate him, you really want to see what he may say next as he is truly a wildcard and you have to love the entertainment value of it! I realize there is probably no one on stage who is honest, so lets not base our votes next year on honestly, lets go with something more viable.

Question is, who can even compete against Trump? We all crave freshness and he will shake the crap out of things,  maybe we need that? In all truth, the president ends up being more of a puppet anyway. At least this way the puppet would be surly and bite back. I think it would be amusing. The other options scare me more, so why not go with the guy who make actually influence the finances of this nation just a touch as he does know that much.

Hillary vs Trump…man what a show that would be. Like watching celebrity death match again.

Not sure why I felt I needed to go on that tangent, but hey, Gossip baby!

Stay tuned, bookmark us and enjoy the ride!

Portland SEO Professionals. Are they real?

True Portland SEO Professionals

You can also see the video here: .

Oregon Web Solutions – Portland SEO Company is a viable solution to your internet marketing needs. They are professionals when it comes to ranking web properties online. This doesn’t just include websites, this includes:

  • Websites
  • Facebook Pages
  • Pinterest’s
  • Linkedin’s
  • Youtube videos
  • E-commerce
  • Business Listings

Those are a few of the properties they can rank. Basically anything that can be found on Google can be ranked on google. What does this mean to you as a customer? Traffic and money. If someone can show you the click percentage you receive based on where your webpage ranks and also show you the increased percentage and clicks based on every jump up in ranks, wouldn’t that be an important piece of information to know as a business owner?  Are you aware where your webpage ranks currently? Did you know that you may think that it is higher then it is? This is called a cache. If you search for a website and click on it, your computer now registers that you would like to have website pop higher in the listings as you have already showed interest in it. So if you aren’t searching for your web property and a non cached computer, then you may have no idea where you rank without the proper software which is a safer bet anyway.

These are just some of the few small tricks to know, but if you are unaware they could cost you immensely. Do you also know how to properly link out your social properties to each other and to the proper web pages on your site or property?

Lets even go another step further. Do you know if you have a proper “privacy policy” and “terms and conditions” page? These are required by google if you are selling any kind of product or service. Not to mention, do you know how to improve you natural rankings by simple on page optimization through sitemaps and inner linking?

These are all key things the stack and add up to give you a really powerful and searchable website. Who wants to spend the months it takes to learn all of this and hope they implement it correctly! Way too much trial and error, even for the pros.

Put the risk into someone else hands and let them deal with it. We tend to try and do everything ourselves to save a buck, but if we screw it up we tend to not only cost ourselves the time we put in, but the time to fix what we did and then start over anyway. I would see this a lot in the construction realm as well. Get out of broke minded thinking and put your time where it is best spent and let the professionals do what they do.

Picture of OWS Logo bulk Portland SEO professionals

Oregon Web Solutions – your Portland SEO professionals are some of the best search engine marketers in the area. They have been trained by the best in the nation and rank for some difficult terms as well as multiple youtube videos and other web properties. I have seen their projects and they are doing some impressive things.

Oregon Web Solutions | Portland SEO

1717 NE 42nd Ave #3800

Portland, OR 97213

(503) 563-3028

Consider putting your business in the fast lane and contact them today for your free consultation.

Best SEO For Your Online Business? Portland SEO

Portland SEO, we can help. Portland SEO ExpertsThe internet can either make or break your business now days.  The wild wild west of internet ranking with thousands of spam links is long gone.  As the net matures and Google perfects it’s alogorithm it’s becoming harder to game the system.  This means that unique content has become king, which is how the internet should have always been.  There are still companies out there who claim to be able to rank your website #1 with very little content and effort, but the skill set required to do this is much higher.  If you have plans to rank your online properties without have unique relevant content then you better hire the best SEO company you can find.

I started working online in 1995 when the internet was fresh and new.  In those days most people used the internet but in a different way then they do today.  They net was used as a place to get information and meet people, not to buy goods.  If you want to read more about the history of the internet Wikipedia has a nice timeline.  In fact, I remember the days when people were afraid to pay with their credit card online for fear of identity and credit card theft.  As the world wide web has aged it has gained trust in some ways and lost it in others.  People are still concerned with identity theft, but they have excepted the risk and now more people purchase items online then at brick and mortar stores.  This trend of online shopping is only going to grow over the next decade with major online retailers like Amazon planning on speeding up delivery times to just a few hours with their new drone delivery services.  Just a few years ago most people would find this hard to comprehend, but at the rate technology is improving most can see this as a real possibility in the near future.  Can you imagine a world with thousands of drones flying overhead with the smiley face Amazon package hanging from a thread ready for delivery?  The question one has to ask now is if we have already came this far in just a matter of 2 decades, what will our world look like in 50 years or how about 100?  Will technology empower humanity to reach for the starts or will robots take over and destroy their creators?  Only time will tell.

If you have a business online or brick and mortar location having a website for your company has become a necessity for success.  Those that ignore the power of technology will do so at their own peril.  If your a small business owner it’s now time to start building your online presence.  The first thing you should do is build a website and this can be easily done through one of the many website building tools out there like Weebly, WordPress, or Bravenet.  These platforms make it easy for people with little to know experience to build their website from scratch within a few hours.  The hard part though is the search engine optimization aspect because the best looking websites in the world are worthless if your customers can’t find you on Google.  There are basic things anyone can do for SEO like keyword optimization and creating social media accounts.  On each social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube there is a place to link back to your website.  That means business owners can get a high DA powerful link from a trusted site like Facebook for free and can increase there web presence through social media.  The trent seems to be pointing to more and more people using social media sites instead of going directly to webpages and that’s why it’s critical that your business have a social media presence.  Aside from very basic seo techniques it’s going to be hard for the average small business owner to figure out how to increase their websites search rankings online and that’s why you should hire an SEO Company.  The problem that most entrepreneurs have is find the right search engine marketing firm.  This can be tricky because an inexperienced company can actually do more harm then good to your website.  That’s why it’s imperative you choose the right company the first time because once harmful seo is done it can be difficult to reverse.  I use a Portland SEO company called Oregon Web Solutions for my search engine optimization needs.  They are different then most firms out there because they are all about the results and the profits they can create for your business.  They work on an ROI system meaning that if they can’t provide you profits of 5 to 10 times the amount their fee costs then they will not work with you.  The great thing about optimizing your website for Google is once your on the front page of Google you can continue to get customers without additional investment.  You can also visit Portland Oregon SEO on Facebook to see a customer review and watch their video that explains exactly what they offer.  I know it can be confusing for people just starting out with search optimization to know who to trust and where to turn.  That’s why it’s important to do really good research before you decide on the company that will work best with you.  Remember, these services are not cheap and if you go with a discount company it could actually hurt you in the long run.  The type of activities that will get your page ranked higher on Google are very time consuming and the people who are good at this charge a premium.  I believe it’s worth the extra money because if your website does get ranked in the top few spots you will continue to get customers as long as you can keep those rankings.  If you did a paid advertising campaign in a magazine or phone book you would need to pay a yearly fee in order to keep your business name and contact information in front of your customers.  I hope that helped shed some light on the complexity of SEO and I wish you all the best of luck on your business ventures.

We will most likely be writing more on search engine optimization as it is constantly updating, so we may keep you up to date when we hear something of relevance that we feel you may need to know more about. Helping each other is really what life is all about. There is no greater feeling then giving freely and from the heart to help another in whatever venture they may be in.


The Secret Law Of Attraction | My Experience With It

The secret law of attraction is a strange bedfellow. The mere concept seems impossible to the majority of people. The human race has been disconnected from their 6th sense, which is the thinking mind.

From birth we have been taught that if we can’t see it, taste it, smell it, or touch it than it doesn’t exist. We have been trapped into a fixed and narrow paradigm of what reality is that most are hopelessly stuck forever. Akin to “The Matrix” the world is not as it seems. The average person you see in a Starbucks is trapped within an artificial paradigm that has been hoisted upon them without their knowledge or consent. They have been trapped into a weak mindset that serves a control system instead of their own life ambition. In fact, the system is so strong that most will never know the possibly of what could have been if only they were aware of their conditioning.

Conditioning comes in many forms most of which are unknown to the unwitting victim. Can these people be woken up from the dream world they perceive as real? The average people have been detached from nature and inserted into a digital artificial world that’s meant to shutter their potential.

The Law of Attraction and the world it opens up is the beginning of awakening. Once one comes to terms with the incredible power we posses inside they begin to actually live. They begin to live life on their own terms and create their own destiny. Many people will spend their entire existence and never come to terms with the power of this principle.

Now you may be asking, what is the process to achieving great riches. The first step is to trick your mind into believing you already have money. This may seem counterintuitive to some, but this is the process. By tricking your mind into thinking your already rich you essentially tell the universe to bring you those riches. The other key element to this formula is to set very large goals for yourself. That way even if you don’t reach your goal at least you got 1/2 way there which is big. For example, if you want to earn $100,000 in income per month in the next year than even if you only get half way there, you will still get $50,000 a month. The other reason setting very big goals is important is because this allows you think outside the box. You will never known what’s possible if you don’t reach for the stars. By setting big goals you also break through your own paradigms and limiting beliefs.

Since birth we have all been trained that we only have limited potential. All these paradigms that have been put into place are simply there to keep us down. The truth is everyone has unlimited potential and the only thing holding us back is our own ignorance. Studies show that we only use about 10% of our brain power. If we could harness even just 20% of the potential of our brain then we would be twice as smart. What would your earning potential be if you were twice as smart? The difference between where you are and where you could be is huge, and be reaching for the stars, even if you fail, you still have achieved greatness. Great business people for thousands of years has used the manifesting success principles to make billions of dollars.

If you dig deep into these people’s lives you will find that all great leaders and successful people have powerful mindsets. These mindsets tell them everyday that they will be successful and nothing can stop them. This mindset is developed through a number of techniques. The primary key is to change the way you think on a daily basis by removing fear, doubt, and worry from your life. These negative mindsets will only attract negative energy into your life. I recently read a book called “Conversations with the Devil” where they went into this subject in great depth.

The main point you should know is that any thought that involves any of those 3 negative emotions will not serve you in any way. Anytime you feel doubt, worry, or fear creeping in then you should change the subject in your mind. These are the devils tricks only meant to bring you down and never let you reach your true potential. Since I have been applying these principles into my life I have seen great results. I no longer fear any man and I feel that unlimited possibilities have opened up for me.

If your interested in learning more about the Law, I recommend reading the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill or visiting This book was written in the early 1900’s and is still relevant today. The biggest take away I want you to get from this blog is that if you want to grow rich, remove fear, and pursue your dreams boldly.

Cedar Homes LLC – We Buy Houses Virginia Beach

We Buy Houses Virginia Beach For Cash

There are a lot of people out there who have homes to sell, but don’t like dealing with banks. Well now you have a simple solution.

What if I told you that you could sell your house and the buyer would pay all cash. That’s right, an all cash quick closing for your home is possible. Cedar Homes LLC is a Virginia Beach VA based real estate investment company. Their business model is different from the majority of companies out there who utilize bankers and bank financing to fund their deals. The benefits of using leverage (debt service) is that it allows the average person to buy a much more expensive piece of real estate then if they had only cash.

I mean consider this, what if home buyers had a pay all cash for houses? Home values would crash almost overnight like they did in 2008 when the banking and housing crisis happened. Today home buyers have the option to take out a loan on a home for up to 95% of the home’s value. For example, if a homeowner can afford a $5,000 down payment on a house then at 95% LTV he could borrow $100,000. If the homeowner can afford a $10,000 down payment then he can borrow $200,000 and so on. What would the world be like if homeowners had to pay all cash? Well back in the day people used to save for a long time before they purchased their first home. If they did take out a loan they would usually save 25% of the down payment. Banks like this because when the home buyer has more “skin in the game” they are less likely to bail out on the mortgage. Banks prefer to make loans that have minimal risk and downside.

If you look back to the current loan market you will notice that banks will give at home loans – in some cases – with zero down. The reason being is now these loans are backed up by the FDIC and the Federal Reserve loans the money to banks at very low-interest rates. The bank-note for the home is no longer owned by the small local bank, instead it is owned by a pool of investors from all around the world. 50 years ago or so banks would actually keep the note for the house at the local branch. The money to loan on the house would come from the savings of people who had checking and savings accounts at the bank. Times have definitely change, and that’s why an “all cash” home buyer is so unique.

Cedar Homes works with “hard money” investors who will loan the money for a set period of time on the project. This money is then used to purchase and renovate the house very quickly, and then the house goes back on the market. The idea here is to buy houses, add value, then sell them quickly, This strategy works because the bulk of homes they buy are in need of drastic repairs and upgrades. Therefore, a real estate development team can get in there quickly and add value. Homeowners struggling to make their payments can greatly benefit from the service. By avoiding real estate agents and expensive bank loans the home seller can receive top dollar, and still leave room for the buyer to make money. Home sellers out there also feel like their home is not in a good enough condition to sell, or maybe you have back property taxes or even liens on the property. For a real estate development company this is not a big deal. They have a large team of lawyers and contractors that deal with these problems often. Therefore, they can quickly resolve just about any issues you have.

Selling your house quickly for cash doesn’t have to be a big hassle. When you do it with an experienced company they have streamlined the process to make it both affordable and fast. Everyone knows that time is money and mortgage payments can add up very quickly. Even if you owe more than your house is worth they have solutions. The best part is you can get a free home purchase price estimate today. Cedar Homes has helped a lot of people find solutions for their property, and I feel they are the best company in Virginia when it comes to all cash real estate deals. You can easily find them by searching “We buy houses Virginia Beach” in Google. They will be number 1 or 2 at the top. You can also visit their Facebook: Cedar Homes LLC – We Buy Houses Facebook and contact them or chat with other customers.

Stay tuned for our next blog where I talk about some other real estate investing strategies I have used to makes millions of dollars over my career.