Select Starbucks Locations Begin Serving Alcohol

Starbucks Begins Serving Alcohol   I found it difficult to start my day without my 24 oz iced triple shot Americano.  Over the last year I have slowly become addicted to iced coffee.  In the past I have always been a hot coffee drinker, and because I like filtered water, I would usually drink coffee at home. 

   We were recently transitioning into a new house and I was unable to make coffee at home.  In order to get my coffee fix I started going my local Starbucks almost daily and I have been addicted ever since.  Recently it was announced in the news that Starbucks will start selling alcohol at some select location.  I believe this is in response to a move by the coffee giant to lure more customers into their store during the evening.  Selling alcohol is a risky move but I’m sure they have done plenty of research and have concluded that the increased risk and liability will be offset my increased profits. 

   I’m actually very excited about this because I love going to coffee shops and soaking up their WiFi.  I primarily work online so anywhere I can use my laptop that has a high speed internet connection I usually take it.  The fact in some select locations I can transition from coffee binge drinking to alcohol is great news for me.  I have recently formed a love affair with Ciders.  There’s a lot of great brands out there but my favorites are the flavored version. 

  I recently had a blackberry apple cider that was absolutely delicious.  If Starbucks brings in beer taps and carries good craft beer I will frequent their establishment regularly.  The only downside to this is we will probably see an increase in people getting drunk and obnoxious.  Hopefully they are smart enough to limit alcohol sale hours to later in the evening after the morning coffee crew is long gone. For some reason I can’t imagine people drinking coffee and drinking beer in the same establishment ending very well. 

  Another guilty pleasure of mine has been red wine.  Like most people I started with riesling, then moved on to whites, then eventually I got into the dry reds like Merlot.  I would assume if Starbucks was to start selling alcohol they would primarily sell beer and wine.  Selling hard alcohol, shots, and mixed drinks would be a huge mistake.  Selling wine and beer would not be much of an issue in my opinion, especially if the hours were limited. 

  The pilot program to sell alcohol will start in Phoenix Arizona at about 15 Starbucks locations.  A recent press released claimed that Starbucks will only selling local craft beer and wine at these original 15 locations.  So far the reaction from the public to the move has been mostly positive.  With any big change like this there is going to be people who react negatively.  Some might even ask what the effect on selling beer and wine would have on children?  Only time will tell whether this was a good or bad move for Americas largest coffee chain.